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Why should we outsource to VdoIT?

Get expert advice without increasing overhead. Scale effectively. Fight against lack of available skills in your area. Focus on core-competence of the organization.

Why not hire Full-Time employee?

Hiring One full time employee cannot bring all the expertise needed to support the business, Hiring multiple employees will certainly increase overhead and management costs. At VdoIT we can provide you all the expertise needed without additional costs!

What about after hour support?

At VdoIT we work as your in-house team and support is available round-the-clock just a phone call away!

Full time employee won't charge us extra for upcoming and future projects?

At VdoIT we work as your in-house team and we don't charge our clients any additional costs except the set monthly fee.

How can we justify the cost of outsourcing?

We Guarantee to save at-least 25% of your current costs and improve efficiency or we won't take you as our client.

Can you provide the same quality people that we hire and train?

At VdoIT we just don't hire anyone. Our hiring criteria is very difficult and every hire goes through multiple rounds of interviews which are conducted by our Founder & Technical Head himself.

What separates VdoIT from others?

HONESTY!!! We are a Canadian Start-up and our founder is an IT Specialist with 17+ yrs of experience and his dream is to offer enterprise level expertise to small businesses from the experience he gained over the years working with the industry leaders like Magna, BlackBerry, OPSEU, Deluxe and many more..

We need support in multiple areas - Desktop support, System Administration, Networking, Cloud and Storage and our requirement is for 2 full time employees?

At VdoIT we analyse the work load and allocate resources accordingly and we don't charge additional for specialized resources.

What areas does VdoIT covers?

We are thrilled to cover all Canada and US, and also keep the costs consistent throughout!

Need help?

Easy solutions for all difficult IT problems, keep business safe & ensure high availability.